I’ve had the very fortunate pleasure of knowing Dave (owner of the well-loved Jelly Belly Deli) for many years now, and from taking on the role of M.C. for Chi-Chi and my wedding, playing in the wedding band during our ceremony, leading our church’s worship team, and countless times playing basketball and hanging out with each other, he has always been as reliable a brother in Christ and friend as one could ever have.  Having known him this long, I can also say that I expected nothing less of an epic proposal to Carol, his incredibly sweet and friendly long-time girlfriend.  Never one to back down from the spotlight, Dave went through great trouble to insure that his proposal went off without a hitch, and I’ve got the Google spreadsheet to prove it.  From planning a trip to Taiwan to surprise Carol (and meet and ask her father for her hand in marriage), to their first date on the Walkway-over-the-Hudson, this proposal returned to the scene of the crime and capped a beautifully scripted story bathed in kismet that no Taiwanese drama could ever replicate.  It was disguised as a simple bike ride outing on the walkway, then halfway across, evolved into a full orchestra (courtesy of the amazingly talented MHCCC youth and worship team) with Dave singing the apropros, “Marry You” (HINT: play it while scrolling through the images!) by Bruno Mars in front of 40-50 friends and family plus a good amount of complete strangers, not to mention a Skype session with Taiwan as well!   It was awesome to witness and document, and I’m ecstatic I had a chance to be involved.. enjoy the photos, and Chi and I wish you all the best, guys!  Here’s the epic video edited by Dave himself!

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