You know that split-second of excitement you inhale when you receive fantastic news?  I most definitely got that when I had discovered I won my very first Fearless Award in their newest collection! Many of my NYC wedding photographer peers have been saying on social media that this was the best collection ever, making it all the more humbling. For those of you who aren’t wedding photographers, Fearless Photographers dedicates itself to showing off truly the best wedding photography in the world, and achieving this honor, means your wedding photo was crazy selective, with only 203 images chosen out of roughly 12,000 submitted (which were already pretty great). Of course, though, I have to first thank my, “fearless” bride and groom, Aubrey and Brian, who are that very word in every sense of it. I’ve been saying for a while now, this great image wasn’t due to spectacular creativity or gumption on my part, but that the secret to my success has always been due my awesome couple. What many don’t know, however, is that they were doing this to raise money for their loved ones who have been affected by ALS, which makes it all the more worthwhile. Thanks so much for your support, always, everyone!! =D

Fearless Photographer


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