As a young child, my parents were heavily involved with community theater, and more specifically, 4 Seas Productions.  By extension, I had been involved in a few plays, myself, but that’s neither here nor there 😉  This is where I met Theresa and Kevin, an aspiring photographer in his own right.  At the time, Theresa was stage manager, and simultaneously sort of my big sister during rehearsals, making sure I kept out of trouble and didn’t fall off the stage or anything.  She also worked for Simon and Schuster, and for the longest time, LOVED getting new books from her, as I used to be an avid reader as a kid (there is purposeful emphasis on the past-tense, if you didn’t notice).  It’s just funny that now she’s sending some awesome books for Joel, and the cycle is repeating..  =)  Anyway, it was just as fun catching up and reminiscing as it was photographing her beautiful family at Dressel Farms in New Paltz with my brand-spankin’ new 5D markIII.  Ulster county, and the Hudson Valley, in general, are simply stunning during the fall season (at least before Hurricane Sandy knocked down most of the leaves prematurely) and served as the perfect mix of yellow and red to serve as the backdrop to an already gorgeous day.  In the midst of Sandy’s aftermath, enjoy the photography to cap off what was a pretty, albeit short-lived, autumn!


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